What is your ideal handle drop?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A matter of preference, the handle drop is measured with the bag handle fully extended and is the distance between the center of the handle and the top of the bag.

A drop between 9" and 12" is comfortable for most people. I prefer a shorter drop, around 7", as I like my bag to sit snug on my shoulder. What is your ideal drop?


Kathleen said...

I'm with you: a shorter strap is just more comfortable for me. I like 7-8 inches (which is I think why I love my Watermelon Wishes bag!).

Lisa said...

with 2 kids and a diaper bag for a purse I like my bag with a handle that can slip to my elbow and a long strap to wear one shoulder across my body!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

This season, the bird's the word! A luxe texture mix of faux ostrich and faux leather will have heads turning.... eco friendly carrier bags

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