A never ending quest for perfection

Friday, December 30, 2011

Next month, the Watermelon Wishes "team" will celebrate our sixth year of business. It seems fitting, to take a moment to look back and marvel at how far the company has come. When Darin and I, drafted the original business plan, we intended to purchase handmade goods and resell them online. As the inventory began to arrive, my discerning eye for detail was drawn to what I perceived to be fundamental flaws in craftsmanship.

Shortly thereafter, I began to experiment with pattern sewing. Still not satisfied, with the final product, I eventually discarded the patterns and began to freehand my own designs. These original bags sold for less than $35 on eBay. Of course, they weren't profitable; but, I was deeply flattered that anyone would even want to own one.

As the product quality increased, demand grew and I began to pay more attention to the cost of goods sold. Today, I have perfected most aspects of my craft---but, truth be told---I hope to never attain total perfection. I love to learn and frequently find myself analyzing the bag making process and subsequently refining my technique. The ability to accept custom orders in my Etsy shop, has been invaluable in the evolution of Watermelon Wishes. With every new request, I take a step out of the comfort zone and into a world of innovation and creativity. I love that feeling!

The bag pictured below was a custom order for a delightful Australian client who added a few distinguishing details to my XL Ultimate style diaper bag. There are several features which are new concepts and will be available on future custom orders.
XL Ultimate Style Diaper Bag with Removable Adjustable Padded messenger strap.

4 wide elasticized pockets, 1 full length zippered pocket, swivel key fob, elastic sippy cup bands and dedicated phone pocket.

Dedicated phone pocket, sized to hold the i-phone with or without a silicone cover.

Full length interior zippered compartment and integrated swivel key fob. 

Upgraded silver-tone hardware and multi-positionalble stroller straps. 

RAP strap

Hidden hook and loop pocket closure keeps valuables secure. 

Oversized snap and flap closure adds function and beauty. 

RAP strap 

Custom XL Ultimate Style Diaper Bag by Watermelon Wishes 

Via the sale of my diaper bag patterns and tutorials, I have also discovered that I love to teach and inspire others. In the year ahead, I am making plans to develop some new tutorials in pdf format as well as video instruction.

Until then, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

Add function and beauty to your bag, upon request

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Upon request, I can now extend the handle drop from 9" to 12" on any custom diaper bag by incorporating an accent fabric on the strap (see image 1 for a close up). This defining detail adds functionality and beauty to any Watermelon Wishes custom diaper bag. 

My modern vacation quilt

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. I did. In fact, it was one of our families best "Turkey Days". I had the week scheduled off from Watermelon Wishes, which in itself was a huge gift, as I've been working overtime since January. The early part of my vacation was filled with shopping, cleaning and a few household organizational projects that desperately needed tackling. Feeling gratified with my domestic progress, I reserved the latter portion of the break, for more enjoyable activities like cooking, overeating and sewing. Yep, even with the 40+ hours of sewing I manage during the week, I still love to sew for pleasure. It is a true passion of mine. 

Quilting is my current focus. There is a trend moving the nation called modern quilting. In my mind, that translates into a form of quilting whereby there are no rules. I like that. Just do as you please. Lovingly dubbed my "Vacation Quilt", the set pictured was made especially for our family room and includes a coordinating pillow. The quilt measures 52" x 52" and is just the right size to use for a winter nap. I love it, because it incorporates more than 60 different fabrics. I used a simple rectangular block design for the front and backed it in a crisp white flannel. The whole project took less than 4 hours start to finish. Time well spent, in my opinion, when you consider the joy this quilt is sure to bring to our family. As you can see, Isabel likes it! 

A rainbow in the making

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with a fabulous collection of batik. The bold colors immediately attracted Isabel's eye and she was quite happy to spend the next few hours watching me sew. 

New! Convertible style backpack

Monday, August 8, 2011

Brand new to Watermelon Wishes, this stylish messenger diaper bag is designed especially for my baby wearing friends. The removable/adjustable/padded (RAP) straps allow it to convert to a backpack with ease, so your hands are free. Modeled after the 10 Pocket Messenger Bag (which I adore), this new style has lots of pockets to keep you organized:

  • 2 wide exterior front pockets, located underneath the messenger flap
  • 1 full length rear exterior pocket with double snap closure
  • 2 side exterior bottle pockets
  • 2 wide interior pockets for diapers and wipes
  • 2 tall interior pockets for personal items 
  • 1 shallow interior pocket for the pacifier 
Other defining details which you are sure to appreciate:
  • wide padded messenger strap with comfy 15" drop
  • swivel key fob
  • removable hard bottom base to prevent sagging
  • full size flap closure which secures via 2 heavy duty snaps
  • hidden zip top (located under the flap) to keep contents secure
  • 2 RAP straps to convert the bag to a backpack
  • bag includes a chenille backed changing pad 
This particular style can be crafted from any of my in stock fabrics .    

It is what is on the inside that matters most

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The beauty of ordering a Watermelon Wishes diaper bag is that you can customize the interior to meet your needs. When designing a bag for myself, I take a minute to envision the purpose of the bag and the contents I intend to carry. It is important to give some thought to the accessibility requirements of each item. For example, I like the baby wipes to have their own pocket so I can find them quickly. 

What types of items do you like to have close at hand? What types of items do you like stored securely? Which of the following interiors, best suits your needs? 

1 full length zippered and 2 wide pockets

4 wide pockets

2 wide, 1 shallow and 2 tall elasticized pockets

2 wide, 1 shallow and 2 tall pockets

4 tall and 2 shallow pockets

1 center zippered compartment and 4 wide elasticized pockets

1 full length zippered, 1 full length slip and 2 wide elasticized pockets

Convertible XL Ultimate Diaper Bag in Canvas

Friday, June 24, 2011

A custom order, this roomy diaper tote bag has 4 wide elasticized interior pockets, a center zippered compartment, 4 elastic bands for bottles/sippy cups, 6 exterior pockets, side stroller straps, a button tab closure and a removable/adjustable messenger strap.