Our Story

Watermelon Wishes was founded out of necessity in January 2006, after my husband's employer of 17 years went out of business. At that time, Darin and I were faced with the daunting prospect of starting our lives over. Optimistically we knew that whatever path we selected, it should be centered upon something we love!

What began as a watermelon "seed," six years ago, has flourished into a fruitful company. Today, Watermelon Wishes has an established presence on Etsy and is a leader in the greater handmade movement.

Thoughtfully designed and expertly handcrafted in the USA, our diaper bags have received rave reviews from new and experienced mothers all over the world!

In 2009, we introduced the Buy Your Own Fabric (BYOF) option. With so many fabric choices, every bag truly is a custom one of a kind creation.

In 2012, we transitioned from a commercial studio to a retail environment or what we like to refer to as a "working studio". Bright and cheerful, we are thoroughly enjoying the new space! If you live or will be in the Northern Virginia area, please stop by for a visit. We offer on site bag design and have assembled a distinctive collection of fabric. You will also find many one of a kind bags and accessories for sale. Everything in the shop is unique and can be customized to your exact specifications.

Form and fashion set aside, for us, the most important aspect of a Watermelon Wishes bag, is that we genuinely love making them! In turn, our enthusiasm gives way to an exceptional product that is delivered with stellar customer service.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and thank our customers for their patronage and continued interest. We love hearing from you and welcome your feedback.

May all of your Watermelon Wishes come true!