Hello! Anyone out there?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hey Y'all! It's me, Andrea. I hope all is well and your summer is off to a terrific start. There's lots of exciting stuff happening here at Watermelon Wishes and I am looking forward to sharing that with you.

Since it has been a while, let me take a paragraph or two to get you up to speed. As you are aware, there are many forums in which a small business owner can promote their craft: Flickr, Blogger, Watermelon Wishes Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest...and more! You can see how it can become a bit overwhelming to manage so many facets. For the last two years, I have focussed on the Facebook page and Watermelon Wishes website.

In January, I launched a personal blog dedicated to my fabulous customers that focuses on home organization and creativity. The theme for my life in 2014 is organization. A major component of organization is time management. A question I have been pondering for some time, is how do I maximize my online presence without posting duplicate content? Ideally... I would like for each forum I contribute to have it's own purpose.

There is so much wonderful content embedded into this blog that I don't have the heart to pull the plug. So, if it is to exist, I think it should be updated and managed because it bears the company logo. This is where I could REALLY use your help. Please take a minute to tell me what you would like to see here (that I do not already offer in another location):

Watermelon Wishes Website: studio news and new products
Personal Blog: home organization and creativity
Facebook: announcements, sales and new products
Flickr: product portfolio
YouTube: video tutorials
Pinterest: my personal interests
Instagram: a snapshot of my life

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts!