The colors of the Caribbean

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The airports we traveled through were a "sea" of black and navy bags. Our colorful luggage was sure to catch the eye of many and coordinated beautifully with the colors of the Caribbean. 

Two new Watermelon Wishes designs, the 4 Pocket Tote and Beach Bag, pictured pool side on the deck of the Norwegian Sky. 

Green, pink and yellow, the unofficial colors of the Caribbean. 

A fabulous read, for my fellow entrepreneurs.

Our ship, the Norwegian Sky. 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Nassau, Bahamas

Ashley, shopping for gifts at the Straw Market.

Nassau, Bahamas

Local craftspeople carve the sculptures from wood at the Straw Market in Nassau. 

Me with my newest camera bag design. It really worked well for this trip!

Ashley, with another new backpack design, which also served us very well. 

Festival Place, Nassau 

Overall, this was a fabulous trip, which left me energized and inspired to create! 

Quick ship photo tour

Friday, June 22, 2012

A little surprise for the birthday girl

Our stateroom was decorated for Ashley's birthday! How cool is that? And her Dad arranged for a chocolate cake and dinner celebration. How sweet!

The perfect bag for your journey. Day 1.

Tomorrow my daughter, Ashley, turns 16. We're forgoing the customary party and instead will be celebrating her special day on board the Norwegian Sky cruise-ship.

Currently we're bound for Miami on American Airlines and "level at our cruise altitude", according to the captain.

This trip is special because it's just Ashley and I. It's what she wanted and we're grateful to oblige because she is a fabulous young lady --- beautiful inside and out!

The fun actually began weeks ago when I began to think about what bags we'd be taking on the trip.

It's a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas so I wanted to travel light and carry on all of our luggage. Initially, I planned to only pack the UX2 which I've been swooning over since it's inception earlier this year. While it is an awesome bag, with tons of pockets, there just wasn't enough room to pack everything. So, I reached for the Pink Peony duffel bag I made to take to the hospital when Isabel was born and designated the UX2 as my carryall.

Ashley is using the Pernillas Journey duffel bag I made especially for her, for this trip (also a birthday gift), and a brand new backpack design that I really adore. It's lightweight and cuter than cute!

Now familiar with the security process at the airport, I can tell you I am already designing a bag which will stream line that process for passengers. I will be drawing upon my past experience as a flight attendant and Darin's 20+ years in the cockpit to create the "Ultimate" flight bag.

In my absence, I promised a few dear customers and the loved ones left at home, that I would update the blog with photos of our journey and the beautiful Watermelon Wishes bags and accessories that we've brought along.

Until then...