Convertible XL Ultimate Diaper Bag in Canvas

Friday, June 24, 2011

A custom order, this roomy diaper tote bag has 4 wide elasticized interior pockets, a center zippered compartment, 4 elastic bands for bottles/sippy cups, 6 exterior pockets, side stroller straps, a button tab closure and a removable/adjustable messenger strap. 

Patchwork with a panel print

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Commonly used to craft baby blankets, panel prints are cuts of fabric which portray a group of images or tell a story. When incorporated into a patchwork scheme, like I used on the bag pictured, you can highlight segments of the panel and create a one of a kind look. 

A new design for you and I to ponder

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My eldest daughters, Ashley (15) and Megan (9), have been after me to design a backpack forever! They will be so pleased, when I return home with a prototype for them to critique. Lightweight and colorful, this first version is moderately sized and features adjustable padded straps, a gadget ring and a zippered top. 

Approximate measurements:

12" wide
13" tall
5" deep

A Diaper Bag Hall of Fame'r

Monday, June 13, 2011

Unbelievably time consuming to make, this bag has been inducted into my unofficial “Diaper Bag Hall of Fame”. Only two other bags have earned this dubious distinction: the Chocolate Lollipop quilted messenger bag I made for myself when I was expecting Isabel and a quilted Ultimate Diaper Bag which I made years ago for a customer from Amy Butler’s Sky Wallflower and Slate Full Moon Polka Dot
Aside from the patchwork detail and the machine quilting, this bag is chockablock with features:
--adjustable messenger strap with a 12” to 25” drop
--stroller straps with parachute clips
--2 elasticized exterior side bottle pockets
--3 front exterior pockets
--1 full length rear exterior pocket
--2 elasticized interior side bottle pockets
--2 elasticized wide interior pockets for diapers and wipes
--2 tall elasticized interior pockets 
--2 interior pen pockets
--1 shall interior pocket perfect for the pacifier
--a swivel key fob
--full length flap closure with magnetic snap and full length exterior pocket with its own flap closure
I shipped this beauty off to Texas today and will be holding my proverbial breath until it arrives safely at its destination. More importantly, after all the time I have invested in making this bag, I hope it is well received and enjoyed for years to come! 

Isabel's first Watermelon Wishes purse

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My youngest is a collector --- of random things --- which she carries with her everywhere we go. One week it might be the 12 new pairs of socks and the next week hair bows, crayons, greeting cards, etc. It makes her happy, so we oblige. 

A couple of weeks ago, she was toting a collection of hot wheels in one of those cute plastic bags a popular sandwich shop gives out with their kids meals. As she was climbing into her car seat, the handle gave way to the heavy load and her cars spilled out into the driveway. Oh --- the drama. 
It was then, my eldest daughter remarked how ironic it is that Isabel has to carry a shoddy bag when she could have a Watermelon Wishes bag. (I know! Right?) 
I explained how much she liked the size of the little one and that was what appealed to her, not the material, blah, blah, blah, Before you knew it,  I was cutting up the little plastic bag to make a template for her new designer purse...

You can see, she loves it. And, that makes me 'sew' happy!