Folded flower tutorial and giveaway

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers always make people feel better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Crafted from fabric scraps, these folded flowers are a great way to add some color to the winter days ahead.

Each flower requires 7 to 8 circles. The circumference is up to you. The smaller the circle the more difficult it will be to fold. I used a 4” sizzix die to cut my circles, but you could just as easily trace a glass and achieve the same result.


• Double threaded needle with 12” tail

• Fabric scraps

• Button

• Felt scraps

• Hot glue or craft glue

Step 1: fold the circle in half

Step 2: fold the corners of each half circle inward to meet in the center and form a triangle

Step 3: place the side of the triangle with the open center seam facing down and fold the corners of the triangle in to meet in the center of the side that does not have the seam

Step 4: fold the petal in half again and thread onto your needle

Step 5: repeat steps 1 through 4 until all petals have been threaded

Step 6: fashion the petals into the shape of your flower and secure the ends of the thread together; but do not cut the thread

Step 7: use the uncut needle and thread to attach the button to the center of the flower and tuck the remaining thread into the center of the flower

Step 8: from the underside fill the center of the flower with glue and cap with a small piece of felt

Optional: A hair clip, safety pin or similar mechanism can be attached to the felt prior to gluing it in place to make the flower removable.

For fun! Post a link to your favorite free craft tutorial below and you will be entered into a random drawing to win a Watermelon Wishes fabric flower. Drawing will take place Oct. 21 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.


Watermelon Wishes said...

Looks like we won't have a winner this time as no one commented. Check back soon for another giveaway!

Mary Ann said...

Can I comment!!! LOL!! I found your tutorial on Google and hope you don't mind that I share the link on my Facebook page? I made a similar flower a while back, but used squares instead of circles. All the best from Denmark!! Mary Ann

Mary Ann said...

PS I use dental floss to thread my's strong and the wax makes the needle slip easily through the fabric!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Luv these flowers. Awesome idea to post tutorials.

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