Leather Mini Moo Card Holder Tutorial

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My mini moo cards arrived on Friday and I love them!

Not familiar? MOO is an online company that offers custom photographic business cards and a mini moo card is half the size of a regular business card with artwork on the front and the back, just like the full sized moo card.

On the front of mine, I have a photo of my Ultimate Diaper Bag and on the back, I list my contact info and a photo of the building which my studio is located. The cards I ordered will be used to promote my Etsy shop at the Aldie Harvest Festival; but, I think this size would make a darling mommy card, for scheduling play dates and what not.

This afternoon, I fashioned a leather case that attaches to my key fob and holds 5 mini cards. It is super easy to make!


7" x 1.5" Piece of Leather or Felt
Medium Eyelet and Eyelet Setter
Binder Ring or Key Ring


Step 1: attach eyelet at one end of leather
Step 2: fold the leather up just below the eyelet
Step 3: stitch the sides closed
Step 4: thread the ring through the eyelet
Step 5: insert cards



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Anonymous said...

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