The glory of a morning riser

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In the words of Jeremy Linn, United States Gold Olympian (and my sons swim coach) “It is a beautiful day and it is great to be alive!”

Summer is coming to an end in Northern Virginia and my favorite flower flourishes. Unique, the morning glory produces a new set of blooms every day. True to its name, you must be an early riser if you would like to take in its splendor. Lucky for me, I wake before the sun and get to see our mailbox blanketed in perwinkle and white morning glories.

Today, I’ve got big plans in the studio and am looking forward to introducing two, maybe three, new styles to you this week. Yesterday, Megan (my daughter who shares my wicked creative streak) was so kind as to sort and fold my private stash of fabric remnants by color. Thanks, Meg! I can hardly wait to dig in and begin my patchwork design.

Off to the studio I shall go. I hope you enjoy the day too!


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