Tuesday Guest Post: Be hip, CLIP!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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My name is Heather and my hip partner, is Brooke. We love a deal. I remember as a mother of five young children living in the Oakton, Va area, anticipating Saturday mornings. If you are like me (or Brooke), you know what happens on Saturday mornings. As the sun begins to break the dawn, the dew sits softly on the grass, garage doors begin to open. Slowly treasures begin to make their way onto tables and blankets, awaiting for me to find them. I truly love other people's "junk." That "junk" clothed all my children in designer clothes, allowed us to have all of the expensive popular toys, and furnished my house in the latest styles. All for next to nothing.

And then, when craigslist came around, I was able to resale most of this "junk" to others. It was a beautiful cycle.

As my kid's grew up so did my grocery bill. This led to my love of coupon clipping. I always loved clipping but I didn't get "hip" until I met Brooke. She took the coupon clipping to the next level. Instead of my normal savings of about 50%, she introduced me to BIG time savings. Over the past few years, we have both searched and shared our latest savings. And we have been amazed at the amount of items we could purchase for absolutely FREE! Whether it was stock piling toothpaste when they were "giving" it away or buying enough cake mix for the next year, we were there.

We want people to get rid of (or lose) the idea that couponing is for "the poor and needy" and change their thinking along the lines of coupon clipping for the "hip and happening (not to mention, smart)" shopper. You have to eat right? You have to clean too. Why not get a deal purchasing the necessities of life.

So Brooke and I decided it was time to share our secrets. We know where to get the coupons. We know how to read a coupon and the trick of combining them. We know how to use the coupon to its fullest saving power and how to organize these coupons. We know how to find the best deals, and when those deals come...how to get them. We admit, we pretty much know EVERYTHING when it comes to a coupon! We know because we LOVE them.

We teach a "hip to clip" coupon class 2 or 3 times a month. It is there, you can learn the art of couponing. You will be armed (hopefully with a huge HIP binder full of coupons) with the confidence that YOU can find the deals and YOU will save money and YOU are hip to be clipping (those that aren't using coupons are just plain CRAZY!). You can save on everything, if you are just willing to save time to clip!

Our blog provides savings in our community. We find the deals and you go out and get them. We love the local library reading program where each week our children can pick up a few coupons for free meals, activities or treats at the surrounding businesses. We are also fans of rebates too. This is the time of the year where places like Staples and Office Depot are giving away products. All you have to do is to be willing to immediately get those rebates sent in. You can find these tips on our blog: http://www.hiptoclipcoupons.blogspot.com/.

I don't get out and garage sale as much as I used to, although I still get that excited feeling when I see the signs pointing the way to bargain bliss. I want to follow them, I really do. But I don't have the time, or the need as I once did. Now I find clipping a coupon makes me just as excited and my need of feeding 5 growing children (four boys!) filled.

So Be Hip, Clip!

Great advice, Heather! Thank you for sharing!
Have a favorite coupon tip? Post it in the comment field and you will be entered to win a fabric covered accordion file by Watermelon Wishes. The winner will be selected at random and announced Aug. 2, 2010.


zakiebaby said...

I always check out the blog at southernsavers.com where they have grocery store's weekly sales matched up with coupons! I also use afullcup.com to find coupons for things that aren't necessarily on sale at the time, so I can save a bit off of the product, as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Great guest post! I love coupons and freebies too! I have a small fabric coupon "clutch" in my purse that I use for planning out my coupons for certain shopping trips (it's so old...it actually belonged to my grandma). Most of my coupons I keep in the original newspaper insert and filed away by date at home. Only problem is I don't always have all my coupons with me when I find a good deal in the store. I know there are a lot of different methods for coupon organizing and clipping... this works for me for now, but I'm not completely sold that it is the best or most efficient way to keep my coupons. But I'd love to win your Watermelon Wishes fabric covered accordion file for my loose and non-insert coupons (and maybe I'll love it so much I'll give up my filing method... who knows?).
Laura from Frugal Friends in Northern Virginia

Anonymous said...

Did you pick a winner? I'm dying to know if I won!

WatermelonWishes said...

Good news, you did win! I announced the winner(s) at the top of the original post. Please email me your address orders@watermelonwishes.com . Many thanks for sharing!

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