Sewing Techniques and Tips ---How to sew a straight line

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New to the Watermelon Wishes blog, Thursdays will now be devoted to those topics which fall under the header “sewing techniques and tips”.

Today, I have three simple tips to help you achieve nice straight stitches.

1. Thread the bobbin correctly. There most certainly is a right and wrong way, so be sure to reference the machine manual. My Singer Confidence has a handy sticker that depicts the proper way to thread the bobbin.

2. Use the stitching guides etched into the needle plate and/or presser foot as a focal point to keep your stitching evenly spaced and straight or make your own guides with a fine point permanent marker.

3. When stopping, prior to the end of a row of stitching, utilize the needle down function or turn the wheel towards you until the needle stops in the down position. This will allow you to make minor adjustments to the fabric while maintaining the prior stitch position.

Have something to add? Feel free to comment below. FYI: The vintage inspired Japanese Kokka fabric featured in the photo can be found in Masonscottage's Etsy shop

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