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Friday, October 16, 2009

Now that baby Isabel can walk, she is getting into everything in my studio and consequently making it very difficult for me to get any work done. For her first birthday, my mother bought a really nice hiking type backpack carrier for us to use. My hope was to be able to carry her on my back and comfortably work. The pack itself is stellar---lots of padding and support for both of us---but she absolutely hates it and cries whenever I put her in it.

When she was smaller, I alternated between a baby wrap and a baby sling (if you are in the market for either, I highly recommend the wrap made by Lovey Duds on Etsy). Isabel still enjoys riding in both of them; but they are no longer comfortable for me now that she weighs more than 20 pounds. When I was pregnant, I remember reading a review of the various types of slings available and recollect there was another option, commonly referred to as a Mei Tai or Asian Baby Carrier (ABC), which I thought might work for us.

On a whim, I did a quick Google search, which provided me with several free illustrated patterns and instructions on how to use this type of baby carrier. In less than two hours, I completed my very first Mei Tai and was super excited to try it out. Much to my liking, I found my newest creation to be comfortable and easy to use. And, even more importantly, Isabel enjoyed riding in it too!

Because I made the carrier myself, I know that it is constructed securely. In addition, I was able to customize the straps and support panel to fit my body perfectly. I love that this type of carrier offers me the versatility to wear her on my back or in front and it is not bulky. Because the carrier is crafted from canvas, as apposed to quilting fabric or knit, she feels very safe and the straps do not shift with extended use.

Many thanks to “Jan Andrea at home on the web” for sharing her knowledge and making this stage of babyhood all the more enjoyable! If you would like to make your own, the instructions I used to make our Asian Baby Carrier can be found here:

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