Removable Messenger Strap Tutorial

Friday, March 22, 2013

For this project you will need a 44" or longer strap, 2 o-rings, 1 tri-glide and 2 swivel fobs.
Slide one end of he strap up over and down through the tri-glide so that the center bar is under the strap.

Flip side of the strap.

Turn the strap over and pin down the loose end. Stitch in place.

Slide one fob on the strap and position at the center of the strap.

Feed the other loose end of the strap back through the top of the tri-glide.

Your strap should look like this with the fob at one end and the tri-glide at the other.

Slip the second fob on the loose end of the strap. Fold over the fabric and stitch it down.

Your finished strap can be attached to any bag which you have pre-installed rings. 

I slip the rings through two fabric tabs and secure those tabs to the bag during the construction process. 

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Watermelon Wishes said...

For the removable hard bottom base, you will need to cut two additional pieces of fabric that measure 8" x 15". Sew them right sides together (on two long sides and one short side). Then, flip the fabric cover right side out and insert in a lightweight piece of plastic or card board which measures 6.5" x 13". Fold the fabric edges inward and sew shut. Presto!

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