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Sunday, April 25, 2010

While I like my diaper bag to be an extension of my personal style, there are many parents who prefer to have a gender specific theme. Shopping for girl fabric really is a breeze; however, finding modern prints that appeal to those expecting baby boys are much harder to come by and perhaps even more challenging is locating those fabrics one would consider to be gender neutral.

When shopping for masculine or unisex fabrics you may find it helpful to keep the following tips in mind.

---Polka dots, stripes and geometrical prints are generally gender friendly and come in a wide array of scales and colors.

---Nature prints, specifically those featuring trees, mushrooms and birds, are wildly popular and ideal for a baby boy or girl.

---Strike a perfect balance by selecting a textured fabric like wool, corduroy or denim for the exterior and a feminine floral for the interior.

---Prints that utilize red, green or orange as the primary color are good choices too.

While there are endless options, when it comes to shopping online, I always point my customers in the direction of Hawthorne Threads which offers a wide selection and stellar service, time after time. That being said, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my top ten favorite gender neutral combinations from said fabric shop.

1. Martini in Green paired with Fresh Poppies in Green

2. Stripe in Summer paired with Birds in Summer

3. Walk in the Woods in Galosh paired with Stripes in Galosh

4. Cherry Wallflower paired with Cherry Full Moon Polka Dot

5. Antler Damask in Celadon paired with Weave Stripe in Azur

6.Willow Shroom in Orange paired with Lime Full Moon Polka Dot

7. Herringbone in Timber paired with Flower Fields in Berry

8. Ironwork in Grey paired with Poppies in Yellow

9. Colorful in Grass paired with Simple in Grass

10. Bird and Seed Heads in Brown paired with Seed Pods in Brown

Feel free to add to the list by posting your favorite unisex print in the comments.

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