Inspired by LOVE

Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspiration is a lovely thing and I have been inspired by the order of Amy Butler “LOVE” fabric which recently arrived on my stoop. Today, I have set aside some time to deviate from what I do well---sewing diaper bags and the like---to make clothing.

More specifically, I want to sew a spring wardrobe for my sweet Isabel.

In yet another uncharacteristic move, I have purchased two patterns from which I hope to produce said clothing. Historically, patterns and I do not get along. I am not sure why but I imagine, it is somehow connected to the fact that I have no sense of direction and a distain for maps. It would be fair to say, I prefer the road less traveled.

In any event, I shall give it a whirl and will keep you updated on my progress as I venture into unchartered territory with nothing more than a few dozen bolts of beautiful fabric and a couple of Sew Easy patterns.

Wish me luck!

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