An infatuation with Old St. Nick

Saturday, November 14, 2009

In our home, we celebrate Christmas. For as long as I can remember, I have been dissatisfied with our Christmas Tree. Even as a child, the tree never lived up to my expectations.

The root of my discontent...When I was in the 7th grade, my mother took up the art of macramé and knotted us a hanging Christmas Tree. Albeit well made, it was the ugliest tree ever. Despite our pleas, she suspended it from the living room ceiling via a plant hanger until the New Year rolled around. We never did see that tree again; but, the damage was done.

Two years ago, we transitioned to an artificial tree. I love it because it stands up nice and straight and doesn’t shed needles. Despite its perfect stance, I have not yet achieved the look I so desperately want.

So, this year, I hereby affirm “Will be my year of bedecking excellence!”

Santa, you see, is my object of desire. From store to store, I go, in search of ornaments which depict Old St. Nick. With the hope of amassing a diverse collection, I only buy one of each. To date, I have located 32 Santa’s in a variety of sizes, shapes and poses. For now they are sprawled across the dining room table; but soon they will adorn what I hope will be "my" perfect tree.

This weekend, the hunt continues as I search for handmade Santa’s on Etsy. I’ve got my eye on the super cute felt one made by Amyliz and pictured above. Love it! I also want to find some simple craft patterns so I can make a few too! If you have one to share, please post the link or instructions below in the comments field.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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WatermelonWishes said...

The tree has been up for more than a week now and I love it! The Santa's add a delightful dose of whimsy and continually remind me of the magic one can behold by believing --- be it in Old St. Nick or something far greater. Merry Christmas!

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