Busting at the seams...again!

Friday, May 8, 2009

When my husband and I established Watermelon Wishes, in January 2006, our dining room served as the company headquarters. Within six months, bolts of fabric, batting and notions were stacked upon the table and chairs and the room resembled a mini factory. Consequently, we made the decision, to convert the guest room into a sewing studio which has served us quite well. Since that time, we and Watermelon Wishes have been blessed with continual growth and are pleased to find ourselves once again “busting at the seams.”

After much debate, as to whether or not we would move the company out of the house, we decided to remodel the basement instead. Albeit tempting, the benefits of working at home outweighed the grandeur of the quaint second floor Main Street studio we had in mind.

The renovations are underway and it is my intention to post regular updates here. Upon completion, the new space will offer us 360 square feet with designated areas for cutting, layout, sewing and shipping; in addition to ample storage for our beloved collection of fabric, notions and supplies.

Week 1:
Formerly an enormous play room, the first task was to purge and organize the toys which would no longer occupy the space and the adjacent storage room. This is something I like to do at least once a year anyways but nevertheless an overwhelming job which takes several days to complete. In total, four loads of furniture, toys and clothing were donated to the Salvation Army.

Week 2, 3 and 4:
We moved the remaining contents to one side of the room and my husband commenced to painting (I am forbidden to paint…lots of funny stories there; but I’ll have to share another time.) Still in progress, this part of the project is taking much longer than we had hoped because the paint fumes are downright noxious to me and obviously aren’t good for baby to breathe either. So, he has to paint when “babes” and I are elsewhere.

Nevertheless, progress is being made. The ceiling has received a fresh crisp coat of ultra white paint and the drab yellow that once covered the walls has been updated with a beautiful shade of blue which reminds me of the tropical waters of Megan’s Bay in St. Thomas. This color (Sherwin Williams Georgian Revival Blue SW 7609) is going to look amazing with the white plank floors we’ve selected!

Week 5: This week my husband is finishing painting the trim and doors. That should be complete by mid week and then we can install the floors. I am so excited to see how the floors are going to look. Last night, I took the opportunity to define each function of the room. I want to be certain not to buy too much furniture and at the same time I need each "station" to be 100% functional. Currently, the lack of layout/cutting space is our primary issue. In the new studio, we will have 4 large tables: 1 to cut, 1 to sew, 1 to layout and 1 to ship.

Week 6: Finally! This is when it all comes together. My husband finished the painting early in the week and my son helped him install the floor Friday. On Saturday, the girls came with us to Ikea to shop for furniture. The next two days were spent assembling furniture and moving in. All hands were on deck.

Week 7: I have been working in the new space for 3 days now and I love it! (See photos below) It is so nice to have the space to tackle multiple projects at one time. I especially appreciate the over sized counter height cutting table. The independent sewing stations offer space for my machine and serger while offering storage for finished projects and my ever growing fabric stash. In a nutshell, the new studio has exceeded all of my expectations. Here is a great big THANK YOU to my husband and children for taking the time to help me create a wonderful space. I love you!

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